Strobe and Glow like a Pro

Strobing, the technique of using highly frosted illuminators to accentuate areas of the face in order to give you a radiant, natural looking glow is easy to achieve. Let’s go step by step and you will be strobing like a pro in no time.

Strobing, or highlighting makes your skin glow, for a fresher, vibrant, livelier look. In summer the look can get sparkly and in the fall season more luminous, sans the sparkle. Whatever look you choose to rock, always start with a primer on well moisturized skin. A primer will lock in the moisture, and will be the prep before you apply your makeup.  Next, even out your skin tone by using your favorite foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream, to get an even complexion. Now, you are ready for your strobe(or highlighter). Pro tip: You will be strobing only certain areas and applying just enough so that you can still see your skin underneath. Choose your powder highlighter and with a medium sized brush, create a c-shape around the eye; starting with your brush in hand glide the brush across the eye lid, around the outer corner of the eye and over the highest point of the cheekbone. This will visually lift your face. Then strobe the tip of your nose, and also the area above the center of your lip that is just below the tip of your nose. This will make your lips look fuller. Lastly, to pull it all together strobe a little next to your tear ducts to enhance your vibrant look.  Your final step is to add blush just below the cheek highlights. Voila! Beautiful you!


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